Expatriate health insurance

I am a student, working just two hours a week. Do I need Dutch health insurance?

Yes, as soon as you start working you will need to apply for a Dutch health insurance package. Do you need help choosing? Call 020-2611600

What is an EU health insurance card?

An EU health insurance card (EHIC) makes it easier for people to access healthcare services during short stays abroad. You can apply for this card if you are a resident in one of the member states of the European Union or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and you must have a health care insurance in your home country.

I am under 18, do I need Dutch health insurance?

No, you do not need Dutch health insurance if you are under 18. You will be included in your parents? healthcare insurance.

I will only be here for a year, do I need Dutch health insurance?

If you are due to stay in the Netherlands for less than one year, your stay will generally be considered temporary; you generally do not need to take out Dutch public healthcare insurance.