Health insurance in the Netherlands

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ZorgKiezer is an online platform that helps you to find the right health insurance for your specific situation. Are you moving to the Netherlands to work or live here? In that case it is very important to find out if you have to apply for a Dutch health insurance. 

It is mandatory for every citizen of the Netherlands to apply for a health insurance. Before you can apply, you do need a Dutch BSN number and a Dutch address. 

At ZorgKiezer we can help you find the best solution for your situation. A health insurance that covers the care you need at the best price. Need help in English? Our experts will help you to find the best insurance and will walk you through the application process. Within 10 minutes, we can complete your application! 

Applying for a health insurance

If you just arrived in the Netherlands, you have to apply for a basic Dutch health insurance. This can be done after you completed your registration in the Netherlands. Find out more about the first steps of the application process. Are you a student? Read more about the process for international students

Health insurance via ZorgKiezer

ZorgKiezer helps you to find the best and cheapest health insurance for your health care needs by comparing all insurance companies independently.

After selecting your personal needs, ZorgKiezer will show the three best deals for you. Made a choice? You can directly apply for a health insurance and you will be insured right away.

Do you switch from Dutch health insurance? The termination of your current insurance will automatically be arranged.

You applied, what is next?

When you have applied for a health insurance, the insurance company needs some time to process your application. Within five business days, you will receive your policy. Do you instantly need medical care? You can always go to the GP, hospital and dentist.

Click here to find the best insurance for you. The tool is in Dutch, need help in English? Please give us a call +31 (0)20 2611 603.

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