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When can I change my health insurance? 

The duration of a health insurance is one calendar year. This means that you are possible to cancel your health insurance at the end of the year; until the 31st of December. In that case, you have the possibility to apply for a new health insurance up to and including the 31st of January. However, it is easier to apply for a new health insurance at the end of the year, when the premiums are revealed.  

Every year halfway through November the new premiums get published for the coming year. As of that time you will be able to switch to a different health insurance plan for 2024.

By using the service of ZorgKiezer at the end of the year, your old insurance will be replaced by your new insurance the first of January.

When can I prematurely terminate my insurance? 

Ending your insurance prematurely is in most cases impossible. There are few situations in which it is possible to cancel your health insurance and apply for a new health insurance.

In the following situation you have the possibility to cancel your health insurance:

  • 18 year: if you turn 18 you are allowed to become a policyholder. This means that you are allowed to apply for your own health insurance. The old policy will automatically be cancelled after the application for the new insurance. if you are willing to continue the current insurance no action need to be taken. 
  • Employers collectivity: if you switch from a job and your new job offers an employers collectivity, you are allowed to switch from health insurance. The condition is that you were before insured via an employers collectivity.
  • Divorce: in case of a divorcement, the policyholder is allowed to remove the other insured from the policy. This gives them the opportunity to apply for a new health insurance. The policyholder is not allowed to apply for a new insurance. 
  • Changes in the policy conditions: if your insurance company changes the premium or the conditions of the policy during the year, you are allowed to change from an insurance company. The insurance company must always inform the insurer about the changes and the possibility to change from insurance.  
  • Change in obligation: if you are no longer obligated to be insurance in the Netherlands, the insurance can be cancelled. An example is when the insurer unsubscribes itself from the Netherlands and moves abroad. 

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