Dutch healthcare system

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The Dutch healthcare system is known as one of the best healthcare systems in the world. Since the start of the yearly publication of the Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) in 2005, the healthcare system of the Netherlands has consistently been ranked in the top three. 

Health Insurance companies

There are 10 large insurance companies in the Netherlands. These 10 companies have different products and brands within their portfolio. Here you can find an overview of all health insurance companies in the Netherlands.

Due to the different products and multiple brands, there are hundreds of health insurance combinations. Finding the best insurance for your personal needs may be hard. Therefore, ZorgKiezer offers the possibility to compare and find the best health insurance for you.

How to apply, cancel and switch from health insurance provider

During November and December, you have the option to change your health insurance policy or switch from an insurance company. This is because the health insurance companies change their policies, coverage and prices every year. Also, the Dutch government makes changes which could influence the coverage of the basic health insurance or the deductible excess.

It is also possible to switch from health insurance during January. However, you have to cancel your health insurance before the first of January. 

In specific situations, you are able to switch from health insurance during the year. For example: when you recently started living or working in the Netherlands or you don’t have an insurance yet.


Everyone who is obligated to have a Dutch health insurance must be insured for at least the basic health insurance. This insurance covers care like the GP, medicines and hospital- visit and stay.

If you need extra care, you can apply for an additional health insurance. Via the additional insurance, you have the option to cover multiple cares such as physical therapy, dental care or alternative care.

What are the monthly costs for a health insurance in the Netherlands?

The price of the standard basic health insurance with a deductible excess of €385 (for 2024) starts at €131,95 per month. By increasing your excess your monthly premium can decrease by €20 per month. Increasing your excess entails higher financial risks. Read more about the excess on this page.

The price for additional insurances start at €1 and can go up to over €200 depending on your additional coverages. Of course, the price depends on the composition of the insurance. Therefore, it is important to consider what care is really important to you. 

Healthcare allowance

Once you completed an application for a health insurance, you can apply for a healthcare allowance. This allowance helps people with a relatively low income to pay their health insurance. Learn more about the healthcare allowance

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