Healthcare allowance

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The Dutch Government offers a healthcare allowance (in Dutch: zorgtoeslag) to support people who have a low income. This contribution helps you to cover the monthly premium for your Dutch health insurance.

A Dutch health insurance can be expensive. Standard packages cost around €1200 per year. The healthcare allowance will reduce the amount you have to pay yourself for the monthly premium. In 2018, the zorgtoeslag can be up to €94 for individuals and €176 for couples.

Requirements to acquire Dutch healthcare allowance

In order to qualify for zorgtoeslag you have to meet the following condition:

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have a European nationality, valid  (temporary) residence permit or work permit
  • You have Dutch health insurance
  • You meet the financial criteria (see below)

Financial criteria

  • Income

Whether you are or are not entitled to receive healthcare allowance depends on your income. The more you earn, the lower the allowance that you might receive.  If you do not have a fiscal partner, your gross income may not exceed €28.720 per year.

A distinction is made between singles or household with two incomes. If you have a fiscal partner, the gross income together may not exceed €35.996 per year.

Via this link, you can calculate if you are entitled to receive healthcare allowance.

  • Assets

The value of your assets, such as savings and assets, is also taken into account to determine if you are entitled to receive healthcare allowance. The limit on assets is €113.415 for individuals and €143.415 for couples during 2018.

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