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Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands is obligated to be insured via the basic health insurance. The Dutch government determines which care is covered by the basic health insurance. The government evaluate the coverage annually and reveals the cover for the next year on Prinsjesdag. The basic health insurance covers general care like the hospital, pharmacy and general practitioner.

New coverage of the basic health insurance

From the first of January, the coverage of the basic health insurance is extended with some new treatments. On top of that, some issues are changed:

  • Incorporating physiotherapy and exercise therapy for a fall-preventive movement intervention
  • Easing the eligibility criteria for maternity care
  • Extension of paramedical rehabilitation care after Covid-19
  • Addressing childhood overweight and obesity

Deductible excess

You first have to pay an excess for most care which is part of the basic health insurance before the insurance company reimburses the costs. This excess is determined by €385 euro untill 2026. Read here more about the deductible excess.

Switch from health insurance

All insurance companies must provide their policies and premium no later than 12 November 2023. From this moment, you can switch from health insurance. By using our ZorgKiezer you can easily compare all insurances based on your needs.  After, you can directly apply for a new health insurance. By comparing, choosing and applying for a health insurance via ZorgKiezer you are always sure you won’t pay too much for your health insurance.

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